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Hanson Hall is designed to provide state-of-the-art classroom and laboratory facilities, functional gathering areas, and space for campus offices facilitating community involvement. This design incorporates security measures meant to create a welcoming environment that is also safe and secure. The Johnson Center’s security design includes electronic locking and monitoring systems, security cameras, a physical security presence, and purposefully crafted foot traffic patterns.

The intent of the security design within the Johnson Center is to allow general unrestricted access to common spaces during designated time periods while securing all other areas with the campus’ access control system (Salto). Valid North Park ID’s are required to access all doors within the Johnson Center, including those of general classrooms, laboratories, meeting spaces, and public gathering areas. Newly introduced locking functions on the campus’ electronic locks will be explained in this overview. These additional functions allow faculty and staff to accommodate the access needs of students while contributing to the increased security requirements of the building. 

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