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The Self Service app provides a catalog of standard software that is available to be installed on a North Park owned Mac computer. This allows North Park employees to install certain software applications on their computers as needed, on your own schedule, without assistance from IT.

Basic instructions are provided below on using Self Service for software installation. Please be aware that you currently need to be connected to the North Park campus network in order to use Self Service. Larger app installations (like the Adobe CC packages) may take longer to complete, so please confirm you are connected to power (if laptop) and leave your computer on during the entire installation process.

For software that is not available via Self Service, please contact Information Technology by opening a HelpDesk ticket under the category "IT-General," and include details of the application that you are requesting.

For Windows Self Service application installation, see Software Installs - Windows

Self Service
  1. Open the Launchpad or the Application folder.
  2. Launch the Self-Service application.
  3. When the program loads there is a category menu on the right.
  4. The main area shows software available to the computer.
  5. Click the "i" to find more information about the program.
  6. Click Install to start the installation
  7. There is a progress indicator near the top of the Self Service program. There is also a dropdown menu on the top right with a success indicator.
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