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North Park University has over 100 printers on campus for use by Faculty, Staff, and Students.

To help manage this fleet, IT asks individual departments to assist in toner and service requests.

Print managers for each department help coordinate with IT concerning issues and questions.


Printer Supplies

Ordering Supplies

Ordering Supplies for campus printers is done through the Vendor's Site:

You will need the COTG tag number located on the specific device.

The COTG tag is linked to a specific model and and consumable type:

  • Toner
  • Waste Containers
  • Drum Units
  • Staples


Information Technology and Physical Plant DO NOT stock toner on campus!

  • North Park Departments are required to order and maintain supplies for their printers.
  • Order toner so you always have a backup.
  • Replace toner when quality starts to suffer.
  • It is a good practice to have your machine cleaned & checked prior to the start of a new semester. This is included in our contract with COTG.
  • Please send used toner to the I.T. Department, Box 31 for recycling. Used toner can also be dropped off at the I.T. office in the lower level of Caroline Rm.B3.

If you have additional questions, please contact I.T. via JIRA.

Printer Service and Maintenance

Service Request

  • You can request printer service via the same web link you order supplies from. Service calls will go directly through our printer vendor COTG.
  • Please do not open tickets through the JIRA help desk system for printer problems unless your service request is not addressed in a timely manner.
  • This will provide you with the opportunity to work directly with COTG technicians to ensure the problem is resolved to your satisfaction.
  •  If the tech indicates that IT assistance is needed, have them call x5540 & we can assist as needed .

 This is the link: 

You can also call COTG at 630-771-8200

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  1. James – How does budgeting work for copier and printer supplies?  I assume that toner, drum cartridges, staples, etc. all come from a centralized printing/copying budget line, right?  However, the paper costs still seem to come from departmental budgets... I believe.  (E.g. SAL purchases paper for the basement copier and the lobby printer.) 

    Given that faculty, staff, and students can now print from a variety of printers and copiers, wouldn't it make more sense to centralize the budget lines for paper and all printing/copying supplies?  Is this something you can suggest... or would it help for me to suggest it to Les Carlstrom or Carl Balsam?



    1. Hi Jud-

      Those are great questions for Les in the Business Office. We do work closely with them regarding the budget allocation for our fleet but I can't speak to how that works.

      I work more directly with making sure service, supplies, and resources are available to campus. I'm sure the Business Office would be willing to follow up with an inquiry.

      Thanks for the question!


  2. I checked the return site linked above, and it appears that they do not recycle empty toner cartridges or full waste toner bottles for the Xerox Word Centre 5845.  So...

    (a) Am I mistaken?

    (b) Do we just throw away these items?



  3. Hi Jud,

    We're still finalizing the exact procedure for toner recycling.  For now please send the Xerox toner to Caroline basement for recycling.  HP toner can be recycled using the return labels as before.


    1. Great!  Thanks, Ken.