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Chemistry Access

Chemistry Access within the Johnson Center, as all of the science departments, is divided into two distinct access zones. These zones allow Chemistry faculty members to authorize laboratory and classroom access to necessary faculty, staff, and students based upon their individual need. The zones and their designated doors are listed below. Access to the specific zones and the structure of the zones can be modified at any time as need arise. It is the intent of the zone structuring to split the Chemistry laboratories and classrooms into two levels, TA and advanced. The TA zone grants access to introductory level and general education rooms while the advanced zone grants access to all Chemistry laboratories and storage areas. Individual access outside of these zones may be tailored to fit the need of any student.

All doors within the Chemistry zones are enabled to operate in office mode. Students will not be granted this access privilege as determined by Campus Security.


Chemistry Labs General Zone (JC-ZN-CHEM-LABS-TA-ACCESS)

  • JC-336 Chemistry Resource Room
  • JC-338 Advanced Chemistry
  • JC-340 General Chemistry
  • JC-342 Organic Chemistry
  • JC-343 Chemistry Instrument Laboratory
  • JC-343A Chemistry Instrument Laboratory (access from Organic Chemistry)


Chemistry Labs Advanced Zone (JC-ZN-CHEM-LABS-ALL)

  • All doors within Chemistry Labs TA Access Zone
  • JC-032 Laser Spectroscopy
  • JC-032B Chemistry Equipment
  • JC-032A Chemistry Equipment
  • JC-302 Hazardous Waste Storage
  • JC-337 Chemistry Research
  • JC-337A Chemistry Research (access from Advanced Chemistry)
  • JC-340B Preparation Laboratory
  • JC-341 Chemistry Stockroom
  • JC-341A Chemistry Stockroom
  • JC-342B Organic Chemistry (access to Preparation Laboratory)
  • Elevators and Stair 1 access for after-hours access to LL and 3rd floors
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