What the "Connect It" system looks like.


The latest classroom technology will have a new way for users to connect their devices to the displays.  "Connect It" is a system of that communicates whether a device has successfully has connected to the display.  It has soft-touch capacitive buttons.  Press either button to select the connected video source for viewing on a display device. 

Connections available:  HDMI & VGA

Here are the colors of the lights and what they mean:

(2) multicolored LED indicators:
Blue (solid) – Indicates no video source is connected;
Green (blinking) – Indicates a video source is connected and the display device is powering up;
Green (solid) – Indicates the connected video source is selected for viewing on the display device;
Green (slow pulse) – Indicates a video source is connected but not currently selected for viewing;
Red (blinks 5 times) – Indicates one of the “Connect It” buttons has been pressed but no video source is connected