Employee Account Definition

Employee Account

For the sake of this policy, the term "Employee Account" refers to a North Park account of type EMP or NC.

EMP Account Type

The EMP account type is granted to anybody with an active or future HR status of full-time, part-time, part-time hourly, or visiting faculty.

NC Account Type

The NC account type is granted to those with an active or future HR status of "non-employee with campus privileges." NC personnel are not employed directly by North Park but require access to North Park information systems.

Employee Account Creation

Employee Accounts are created automatically throughout the day based on status codes and dates maintained by Human Resources. (see above)

Employee Account Deactivation

An employee's account will be disabled the day after their official last day of employment as maintained by HR. When an employee leaves North Park, IT will work with HR and the employee's supervisor to determine how that employee's account and information assets should be handled.

Options include but are not limited to the following.

Account Retention

A former employee's network account, Office 365 account, the information contained therein, the Microsoft 365 license, the security license, and voice mailbox shall be retained for sixty (60) days after the employee's last date of active employment as recorded by HR. The account shall remain disabled and inaccessible to the former employee, unless approved by HR and IT. The 60 day account retention period helps to provide continuity during the transition of employee responsibilities.

Active employment is identified by the account types EMP and NC as defined above.

61 days after the former employee's last date of active employment, all accounts and information contained therein shall be deleted.

Former Employee With Ongoing Active Status

If the former employee's ongoing relationship with North Park qualifies them for an active network and Office 365 account, then IT will work with HR, the former employee's supervisor, and the former employee to determine how to handle the information assets which are under the former employee's control. For example, if the former employee is actively enrolled in NPU courses, then they qualify as a student for a fully licensed account, but they should not retain information assets relevant to their former employment.

Options which IT and HR may choose include but are not limited to the following.

Former Employee with Alumni Status

Status as a former employee supersedes status as an alum.

When a former employee is also a former student (i.e., an alum), they are subject to the policies for former employees, not for alumni, regardless of the sequence and timing of their student and employment statuses.

Adjunct Faculty Employment End Dates

Emeritus and Retiree Accounts