Providing Accommodations


North Park is required by federal law to provide reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities in order to remove barriers and level the playing field. ​

NOTE: We informally make adjustments for students without disabilities because we believe it is good or right, but it is not an official accommodation unless they have a documented disability. 

Students will receive an accommodation letter from the ADA Office and they will be responsible for submitting that letter to their professor. Some ways students may receive accommodations in an online or hybrid course may be:

  • Testing accommodations​
  • Screen reading software​
  • Alternative format materials​
  • Alternative due dates

Closed Captions and Transcripts



When the time comes to add captions to your video, you can add captions via one of the following ways

  • Upload video to YouTube and modify the auto-generated captions
  • Use the Canvas native closed captioning tool, partners with Amara
  • Financially partner with COE to have your videos captioned by 3PlayMedia
    • Consider this option for videos that will be used multiple times and are of higher quality.


Transcripts can provide a valuable resources for students after a video for their review as well as a way to provide accommodations for students with accommodations.

An added benefit of transcripts is that it provides an outline for recording the video which reduces anxiety related errors that often occur when recording videos.

Transcripts can be added to your modules as a file resources or in an HTML page as a file link under your video.


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