List of AV Rooms Equipped with Air Media

  1. Enter the room 
  2. Press the "Air Media" button on the iPad
  3. WAIT for the "To begin your presentation" image to appear on the displays
  4. In the upper left hand corner, the address is displayed.  This is the hostname (e.g. http://AirMedia-01f8b0) 


  1. Open up any web browser (Firefox is preferred) 
  2. Enter the hostname into the address bar (e.g. http://AirMedia-018b0), an installer page should come up

  3. Choose the compatible operating system and press “download”


    1. A small web application will download, click "run" as needed

    2. When prompted, enter the login code (look for the code at the top right of the display) 

       4. Session starts and the user’s desktop is shown on the display


In order to use audio on a Mac Computer you will need to download Soundflower (Soundflower-1.6.6b.dmg) and set it as the audio output in System Preferences>Sound, click the output tab and select soundflower 2ch while connected to AirMedia

Apps for iphone/ipod and Android are also available.  Please find these apps at the App Store for Apple or Google Play for Android


Air Media has presentation options:


Allow others to see the presentation the Remote View




  1. Air Media IS NOT good for video.  It is meant for simpler applications that do not require rapid moving processes.  In other words, Air Media is good for PowerPoint, Word, Keynote, Excel, etc.  Air Media is not good for Youtube, Vimeo, DVDs, video files, etc.
  2. Air Media access code is unsecured.  Therefore, it easy for others to accidentally "take over" a display.