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Discussion Board

Do you have a question about SMART software?  Do you want to hear about other people's experiences with the new classes in Johnson Center?  Do you want to know which way works best for presenting in PowerPoint?

All of these questions can be answered by you and your colleagues in this discussion group page.  The purpose of this page is to give and get feedback that would help provide information regarding teaching technologies. 

Have a question or opinion?  Take the time to post now!

  1.  Log into the wiki ( from your web browser with your npu credentials

  2. Click on "Create" and then click on "Blog Post"  Click "Create" (located at the bottom right corner) to begin your exchange

  3. Fill in the subject with the main idea of your post.  Then fill out the text box with your question or comment

  4. At the bottom left corner of the screen, find and click on the "label" button. 
    1. Type in these lets exactly how you see it typed here: avec
    2. click close

  5. Click "Publish".  Your post will automatically be routed to the discussion board.

  6. To confirm, type in "discussion board" in the wiki search bar.  click on the  discussion board page.

  7. Allow time for people to respond.

Has anybody had any trouble getting sound to work on their computers when connecting ot the system?

If so, this provided link may have the answer: Outputting Sound on Mac or PC via HDMI

Let me know if it works!

Playing a DVD in a class that does not have a DVD player

What can be done if a professor needs to play a Blu-Ray/DVD in a class that does not have a Blu-ray/DVD player?

Keynote Presenter, iPad, and Air Media

Is it possible to see your notes when presenting with Keynote on an iPad, through Air Media?  If so, how?

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