NEW AVEC Instructions

Welcome to the New AVEC system with the latest cutting edge technology.  Within this system you can:

  1.  Use the DESK PC for accessing your shared drives (Z:), interactive display through the PEN TOOL, SKYPE, BLU-RAY/DVD, and the 1080p Document Camera.
  2. The Laptop function accommodates both VGA and HDMI connections.
  3. The Apple TV allows Audio and Visual for Apple Devices to be streamed wirelessly.
  4. The DOC CAM allows for 1080p resolution for higher visibility presentations.
  5. REMEMBER: Please turn off the system after use by pressing the POWER button on the TOUCH PANEL.

Please refer to the diagram for a better understanding of the touch panel’s sources.

Troubleshooting TIPS


Resolution #1

Resolution #2

Resolution #3

If Desk PC is not showing on display

Computer Off: Press the green ‘stickered’ button on credenza PC

Computer On: Press POWER button on touch panel to turn off & Press POWER button again to turn on

Call Ext. 5540

Keyboard & Mouse not working, BUT DESK PC is ON

Hold the green ‘stickered’ button until screen goes black & then press the green ‘stickered’ button again

Call Ext. 5540


Connecting PC Laptop to display through VGA connection

Press  and the keyboard letter ‘P’, then choose duplicate

Call Ext. 5540


Connecting Mac Laptop to display through VGA connection

Press ‘command’ and F1

Find and Click:
System Preferences→ Displays→ Arrangement→ Mirror Displays

Call Ext. 5540

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