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  1. Log into with your North Park username and password.
  2. You will see a "Create " button near the top of every page while logged into JIRA. Click on this to create an issue ticket.
  3. When creating an issue you'll have several fields to fill out. Use the instructions here for inputting your event information:
    1. Project Type: This should be HD-Media Services.
    2. Issue Type: If this is not part of a regularly scheduled course for credit, select “MS-Event and Meeting Resources” (even if the there are multiple occurrences of the same event or meeting). If you are unsure of your issue type, set it as MS-General.
    3. Reporter: This field will autofill with your name. If you are not the primary event coordinator, please enter the name of the person who is directly responsible for the event. However, please note, this must be the name of a North Park faculty or staff member who will be in attendance. Media Services does not support student-run events at this time.
    4. Event Date: The date of your event. Please submit multiple tickets for multi-day events.
    5. Start and End Time: This should be the actual start and end time of the event. If you would like set up to be completed early or you need extra time to soundcheck, please make a note of this in the description field. Media Services may bill you for extra staffing if the event start time on the helpdesk ticket is not accurate. 
    6. Summary: The summary should only contain the name or title of your event. It is recommended, but not required, that you use the same as what appears on your 25Live reservation.
    7. Building and Room number: This is the location of your event. Please open multiple tickets for multi-location events.
    8. Description: This is where you make specific audio and visual requests. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, let us know. We are always happy to assist with coordinating your AV requests in order to best serve the needs of your event!
    9. Other Reporters: Use this field if there are additional event coordinators or you'd like a specific person or persons to be aware of the issue. Add a person's name to this category and they will also receive emails when something is updated on the ticket.
  4. Click “Create” at the bottom of the pop up window when each of the above fields have been filled out. You can always check on a ticket by logging back into and looking at the “Unresolved…” Filter Results columns on the right side of the page. All ticket updates will automatically be forwarded to your North Park email as well.
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