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SHARP DOES NOT PROVIDE PEN SOFTWARE for Macintosh computers. Sharp only provides the underlying driver to allow other programs to use its TV for interactive functions. We have tested a couple of alternative pen software options (Sankore). However, it is up to YOU to identify the pen software that works best for you. To , and recommend its use. To get a feel for what pen software does, please visit this page: Sankore Display Tutorial Videos


Most Macintosh laptop computers do not have video output ports that can be connected directly in the rooms.  You will almost always need an adapter.  You can become the proud owner of the appropriate adapter(s) by contacting Information technology.  We will be happy to provide one or more for you.   To determine what type of adapter you need, check out this table XXXXXXXXXXXXX See the pictures here to identify what adapter you needthe types of adapters.


  1. You should be familiar with how to use your Mac with a projector (or TV). 
    1. (lots of detail)$file/Using+a+Projector+with+your+MacBook.pdf. 
    2. (The simple version)
  2. If you intend to use the interactive Sharp TV in the rooms, you need to load Sharp drivers on your laptop first.
    1.  Here is how to do it.

Instructions for specific Rooms:

Instructions for Crestron 2.0Interactive Rooms