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  What the "Connect It" system looks like.


latest classroom technology will have a new way for users to connect their devices to the displays.  Newer classrooms utilize the Crestron "Connect It" is a system of that system.  This system communicates whether a device has successfully has connected to the display .  It has soft-touch capacitive buttons.  Press either button to select the connected video source for viewing on a display device. via a laptop light indicator.  

Simply connect the HDMI or VGA cable to the device and the system (TVs and other equipment) will automatically turn on.

Connections available:  HDMI & VGA


  1. Walk into room
  2. Turn on device (laptop)
  3. Log into the computer
  4. Plug in appropriate cable (laptop screen should blink)
  5. WAIT for system to turn on.  When ready, your screen should display on one of the TVs.


The Connect IT system has the ability to tell when the laptop has connected to the system successfully by using light communication indicators.  Here are the colors of the lights and what they mean:

(2) multicolored LED indicators:
Blue (solid) – Indicates no video source is connected;
Green (blinking) – Indicates a video source is connected and the display device is powering up;that the system is off
Green (solid) – Indicates that the connected video source is selected for viewing on the display device;
Green (slow pulse) – Indicates a video source is connected but not currently selected for viewing;
Red (blinks 5 times) – Indicates one of the “Connect It” buttons has been pressed but no video source is system is on and the computer device has successfully connected