The Echo360 Resource Center is a place where you can learn more about instructional capture technology and how to integrate the techniques into your curriculum.

If you are interested in using Echo360 for your classes, please fill out a HelpDesk Ticket in the HDMS project. If you need a lecture capture schedule set up, please set the issue type to MS-Lecture Capture Request.

To access Echo 360, please go to, enter your full North Park email address and click submit. You may be asked for your NPU password, and if given a choice of institution to log in to, click North Park University.

For general and in-depth information about the echo 360 platform, click on the following links to go to Echo 360's help pages:

To make sure that your lecture or event is recorded, please turn on the classroom either by plugging in your laptop or by selecting a source on the rooms iPad controller

For information on which rooms have an Echo 360 appliance, head to this page Echo 360 capable Rooms.

For information on how to start a capture on your own, head to this page Echo360 Ad Hoc Capture

How to link content from Echo 360 into Canvas:

Note: If you have not requested a course via JIRA, you will not be able to link anything.

  1. Log into Canvas as an instructor
  2. Open the Canvas course or section you want to link.
  3. Click the Echo360 tool link
  4. Use the drop-down lists on the window that appears to find the course, term, and section to link to
  5. If necessary select the Link to your Section Home radio button shown below (it is selected by default)
  6. Click LINK CONTENT as shown in the below figure.

For instructors: How to add content to a class in Echo 360

Adding Content to a Class

How to copy an old lecture into a new class.pdf

For students: How to access recorded lectures on Echo 360

Student Echo 360 Access

For instructors: How to use the new Echo 360 Media Editor

Media Editor

For instructors: How to use Echo 360's Universal Capture Personal app

UC Personal App