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If your Apple Computer or iOS device is not connecting to the NORTHPARK wireless, you may find some of these troubleshooting steps helpful.

Please contact IT Support Services for additional support.

Temporary Account Lock

As a security method, your University credentials are temporarily locked after too many repeated attempts.

If you have typed your credentials incorrectly too many times, or if you computer has remembered incorrect credentials, it is possible that your account is on a timed lockout.

You may contact IT Support Services, or simply wait a 10-15 minutes for the lockout to drop off. You may also:

  • Turn your computer/device off, or disable Wireless.
  • Wait a few minutes, and then turn it back on to try again.
  • Forget the network (above) and re-add it.

The lockout time resets each time it receives an incorrect password, so make sure you wait at least 10-15 minutes before trying this method.

Verify Username, Password, and Authentication Method

  1. To verify whether you are successfully authenticated, select "Open Network Preferences..." from the bottom of the Airport wireless menu.
  2. In the Network, under WiFi, check whether the "802.1X:" item says "Authenticated via PEAP (MSCHAPv2)" and shows a connection time with a "Disconnect" button (see image below - click for larger version).
  3. If you are not authenticated (you have a "Connect" button instead), continue to step 3 below.
    1. If it says that you are "Authenticated" but you are unable to open web pages and use the network, check whether there is an IP Address listed under the "Status" section.  If there is not, try clicking the "Turn AirPort Off" button, wait two minutes, and then click "Turn AirPort On.
  4. If 802.1X authentication is not connecting, use the following steps to verify that your username, password, and settings have been entered correctly.
    1. In the AirPort Network panel, click on the "Advanced..." button (lower right).
    2. In the AirPort advanced settings window, click on the "802.1X" button at the top (see image below).
      1. Re-enter your username and password (without
      2. Verify that "PEAP" is selected and is the first item listed in the "Authentication" box (see image below).  If it is not, then drag PEAP to the top of the list and make sure that it is checked.
      3. When finished, click the "OK" button to close the 802.1X profile.
  5. Back in the Network AirPort panel, first click the "Apply" button to save your profile settings, and then click the "Connect" button to test the new authentication settings.  If successful, then you are now connected to the appropriate NPU-STUDENTS or NPU-EMPLOYEES wireless network, and your Mac should automatically connect to this network when it is in range.
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