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Meeting organizers can adjust the Lobby settings for Meetings in Teams.

The Lobby is a waiting room where certain participants are held before they are allowed to join a meeting in progress.

The default setting is that the Lobby is bypassed, so anyone with a meeting invitation can join.

Scheduled meetings

There are three different ways to get to Meeting options for a scheduled meeting.


  1. In Teams, go to Calendar Meetings button , select a meeting, and then Meeting options.
  2. Adjust the setting for "Who can bypass the lobby"


  1. In a meeting invitation, select Meeting options.

Meeting in Progress

During a meeting, select Show participants  Show participants icon  in the meeting controls. Then, above the list of participants, choose Manage permissions The manage participants icon in Microsoft Teams .

Instant meetings

Once you've started a meeting by selecting Meet now Meet now button  (whether from a channel or your calendar):

  1. Choose Show participants  Show participants icon  in your meeting controls. You'll see a list of everyone in the meeting.

  2. Above the list, select Manage permissions The manage participants icon in Microsoft Teams to go to Meeting options.

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