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Account Lifecycle Policies
North Park account lifecycle policies define account categories and statuses, and prescribe when accounts are created, transitioned, and deleted. North Park reserves the right to withdraw network and email privileges at any time due to violation of North Park's Acceptable Use Policy or at the request of an appropriate University official.

Incoming Students (Confirmed Applicants)

  • An email and Office 365 account is created after an admitted applicant has confirmed their intent by paying their tuition deposit. An admitted applicant to a program without tuition deposits will also have an email and Office 365 account created.
  • If the applicant cancels their application, their account will be deleted.
  • If the applicant does not enroll in their intended start term and does not apply for another future start term, their account will be deleted.
  • "Start term" refers to the semester in which the applicant intends to matriculate as documented in the admissions application. Though some academic programs have quad (half-semester) start terms, the full semester is considered to be the start term for the purposes of this policy.


  • For the purpose of this policy, a student is anybody who is actively enrolled (has not dropped or withdrawn) in the current semester or any future semester.
  • The student will continue to use the same email and Office 365 account that was created when they were a confirmed applicant


  • For the purpose of this policy, anybody who has ever been actively enrolled (student) but who is not actively enrolled in the current semester or in any future semester is an alum.
  • This policy is based on a student's last completed term of enrollment. The last term of enrollment is the full semester. Dropped courses, canceled courses, and withdrawals do not count.
  • Alumni access to student resources changes over time:
    • For 9 months after the last term of enrollment, the full Office 365 access will be maintained.
    • 10 months after the last term of enrollment, email access continues, but OneDrive and other Office 365 features are no longer be available. Important documents should be saved to another location before this deadline.
    • 18 months after the last term of enrollment, all remaining student account access is removed, including email.
  • Note that access to Student Self Service continues to be available until 18 months.

Time period after last term of enrollment

Alumni Access

First 9 months

Continued full access to email and Office 365.  Access remains the same as an active student.

Months 10 - 18

Account moved to Alumni status with email access and network access only

(OneDrive contents and everything but email deleted)

End of 18th month

Email account deleted

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