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In order for the IT department to install requested software on NPU machines, an official request must be made and approved by the North Park IT department, please do not purchase software for campus before NPU IT has approved the request.

There is a period of time before the purchase where we need to confirm with the software vendor that their product works with our systems and environment, so please make the request a minimum of 4 weeks before the software is needed.

So again, please do not purchase any software to be used on campus without approval from the North Park IT department.

The official request should be made in a help desk ticket, here are the basic guidelines for creating the ticket.

  • Create a help desk ticket including:
        1. Name of Software/Program
        2. User and Department requesting software
        3. How many concurrent users
        4. Specific location(s) where software will be used

Thank You!

North Park IT

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