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This information is for when a class would like to audio and video record sermons with audio notes by the professor.

First, turn on the room by pressing the Homiletics Button, you may select a source to display as well.


  1. The person preaching must speak into the podium mic on the AV cart, or wear the wireless lapel mic from the cabinet in the control room for audio to be captured to Echo 360.

  2. Echo 360 captures the Homiletics classroom camera, and another source (Airmedia, or HDMI/VGA).
  3. Audio from the person preaching records to both channels, and audio from the professor giving notes goes into just the left audio channel.

When you are finished using the room, make sure to hit standby on the iPad.

Then follow these steps for starting a recording:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Log into echo 360 with your and password if requested

Step 3: Click the red Universal Capture button on the upper right of the window

Step 4: Click the Choose a Room dropdown and select Nyvall 016/017, click GO, and a new window will open

 Step 5: Click the Edit Capture Details button at the top left of the screen,

-Fill in the Title field with the name of the capture

-Fill in the details field if necessary

-Leave tags blank

-Select the course you want to publish to in the dropdown, then click save

 Step 6: Press the Red record button to start the recording

Step 7: Press the pause button to temporarily pause the recording, the stop button to stop, save and upload the recording to echo 360, or the X button to cancel the recording.