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Effective Spring 2015

North Park Media Services Policies and Information

I.                    Introduction

Media Services is part of North Park’s Information Technology Department. Responsibilities of Media Services include operating all visual and audio technology for on campus events, particularly those in Anderson Chapel and Hamming Hall; maintaining and overseeing installation of audio and visual equipment in all on campus event spaces, meeting rooms, and classrooms; training on the use of audio-visual equipped classrooms (AVEC); and, occasionally, video production for internal university use.

II.                 Requesting Technical Assistance from Media Services

All services pertaining to or sponsored by a North Park University department are free of equipment charges provided North Park University owns the requested equipment. Any needed rental equipment will paid for by the requesting department. Personnel charges may be billed to the internal department at the discretion of Media Services. In these cases,  you will be made aware of any additional charges early in the planning process.


There are a number of methods to request technical or event support from media services. Please read below for more information.

A.                  When to make Audio/Visual requests

The best answer is to make requests as early as possible in the event planning process, even if the exact needs are not known. Media Services is happy to advise or assist in determining AV needs. Please note that the following time restrictions will apply when making requests:

If an event is longer than 4 hours, has multiple locations or requires advanced support (see section IV b for definition of ‘advanced support’), organizers will be required to submit a schedule no less than two weeks in advance. Furthermore, finalized AV needs for the event should be provided no less than 1 week in advance.

All other event coordinators will be required to notify Media of events requiring audio-visual assistance at least one week in advance.

If the abover requirements are not met, Media Services may not be able to provide a technician to cover the event. Event request with less than a weeks’ notice will receive the following (at Media Services discretion):

a)      2 wireless handhelds, projection (only if the necessary equipment exists in the space)

b)      Portable, all-in-one type PA systems and projectors are available to be borrowed from the IT office for short-term, on-campus use, set up is not provided

B.                  Help Desk Tickets (JIRA)

Currently, Media Services utilizes JIRA to manage all departmental tasks, including events. Consequently, this is the required method for communicating requests. After an initial media service request is made, regardless of the method used, a JIRA ticket must be opened and further communication will occur through the JIRA comment section. The reporter is solely responsible for ensuring and maintaining accurate information on their JIRA ticket; Media Services will not be responsible for accommodating changes in event needs if changes are not reflected on the event ticket at least a week before the scheduled event start. Media Services will not support an event unless a JIRA ticket has been opened.


To open a ticket on JIRA, visit Log in using standard North Park credentials and click ‘create’. For Media Services requests, select ‘HD-Media Services’ for the project and the appropriate issue type (see image below).

The form will automatically adjust so the appropriate fields appear, fill out the required information as well as the summary and description boxes. Based on the information provided, appropriate Media Services personnel  will be assigned to the ticket and will be your point of contact during the event.  For ‘Event and Meeting Resources’, only enter the start time of the actual event as Media Services staff are best prepared to determine when is the best time for a technician to arrive. For detailed instructions about creating a ticket for event support see Creating an Audio/Visual Event Support Request .

C.                   Event request & scheduling (25Live)

Some Media Services event requests come from the 25Live reservation system. Within 25Live, there are a number of ways to communicate technical needs, including resource requests or by answering ‘Yes’ to ‘Will the event require special AV set up?’ Both options are found within the event wizard as shown below. Please note, this communication is not a substitute for creating an event ticket in the JIRA helpdesk system.

D.                  Email or phone

Media Services can also be reached using the departmental email address: or by calling the IT hotline at (773)244-5540.

III.              General Event Policies

There are a number of important policies that apply to all events supported by Media Services. First, and most important, all aspects of internal audio or video equipment are to be controlled exclusively at the discretion of Media Services technicians. Any audio or video issues encountered during an event that require immediate assistance, should be reported via the IT hotline at (773)244-5540 or after hours to the Media Services hotline at (773)244-4595. Media Services does not provide equipment or support for any off campus events regardless of departmental sponsorship.

A.                  Projection

Media Services will provide the ability for presentation media to be projected either via projector or television, however Media Services personnel will not run the presentation. Consequently, it is expected that event coordinators will arrange for their own projectionist(s) to be present.  Generally, presenters need to provide their own laptop.  Having the presentation on a thumb drive is recommended.  This facilitates use of a backup laptop in case of issues with the primary laptop.  If the event will have multiple presenters, it is recommended that only one laptop be used and all presenters provide the presentation in advance.  It is also recommended that the presentation be tested prior to the start of the event.  Media Services will provide a backup laptop in case a presenter’s laptop is not compatible with the system.  Please let us know what software you will be using to present. All presenters should arrive early so that equipment can be tested.

B.                  Lighting

Media Services does not provide custom lighting set up or design. However, we can turn on what is present in the space. Details about lighting systems in each event space can be found at the end of this document.

C.                   Live streaming

All live streaming is outsourced via University Marketing and Communications. Please open a ticket with UMC for any live streaming requests   for campus events.   Live streaming is not supported for external clients.

D.                  Student Event Requests

a)      Event must be specifically related to university business

b)      AV requests must be made through or with support from a North Park Faculty or Staff member

c)       Media Services does not provide AV support, filming, or audio recording for student recitals or concerts

E.                   Equipment rentals and use of external equipment

a)      At the discretion of Media Services personnel


ii)      Furthermore, DJs will NOT be allowed to connect to North Park’s PA systems under any circumstances. All DJs will be required to provide their own speakers.

iii)   All external and summer conference groups using their own equipment, or serving as audio-visual operators using North Park’s rental equipment, must schedule a consultation, for a fee, with Media Services at least one week prior to the event.

F.                   Expectations

All Media Services personnel are to be treated with professionalism and respect. The Media Services department reserves the right to refuse to work with any individual who consistently fails to meet this basic expectation.  Please contact the Director of Media Services with any concerns.

IV.             Media Services Event Support Constraints

A.                  Primary Event spaces

Including Anderson Chapel, Hamming Hall, Isaacson Chapel, Carlson Gym, Lecture Hall Auditorium (LHA), Hanson 201, Johnson 325, Johnson 314

a)      See section V for technical details.

b)      Internal Events

i)        Media Services will provide all support levels (As defined in Section VI) for North Park Internal events

(1)   Any additional fees will be discussed directly with the Event Coordinator

c)       Sponsored events

i)        Refers to events which are departmentally sponsored, but not related to university business

ii)      Departments will be asked to cover staffing costs at current student wage rates

d)      External Events

i)        $60 Basic Event fee

(1)   Standard AV setup (See next subsection)

(2)   Remote tech support via Media Services hotline

(3)   Basic training

ii)      For all additional needs, please contact Media Services for a quote

B.                  Support Levels for Primary Event Spaces

Availability depends on location. For details about what is available in your space, see Section V.

a)      Standard AV Setup

i)        2 wireless mics (choose between Lavaliere or Handheld)

ii)      Projector

iii)   HDMI or VGA

iv)    iPod connection

b)      Intermediate AV Setup

i)        Everything included with Standard AV Setup adding the following:

ii)      5 total wireless mics (choose between Lavaliere or Handheld)

iii)   AV Technician

c)       Advanced AV Setup

i)        Everything included with Intermediate AV Setup adding the following:

ii)      All available XLR inputs in the space

iii)   2+ AV Technicians

Classrooms & Conference Rooms (See Section V)

a)      Internal or sponsored event

i)        No cost for equipment usage

ii)      Basic training available in advance through Media Services. Please open a ticket for training requests.

iii)   Call ext. 5540 for support during an event.

b)      External events

i)        $60 event AV fee required

(1)   Includes Training

(2)   Remote tech support

(3)   $60/hour if a tech needs to be present for the entire event

V.                Event Space Technology Specifications

The following equipment is available in each space

a)      Anderson Chapel : Our most advanced AV space. Multipurpose use for all event setups including concerts, lectures, and special presentations. The available equipment includes:

i)        Audio

(1)   Yamaha CL5

(2)   32 Channel input snake

(3)   Up to 16 in-ear monitor outputs or 8 wedge monitor outputs plus 8 in-ear outputs

(4)   8 Wireless Handheld Mics

(5)   Full band setup available

ii)      Video

(1)   Projector

(a)   HDMI

(b)   VGA

iii)   Echo360 recording

iv)    Lighting

(1)   General stage wash

v)      Support Levels available

(1)   Standard

(2)   Intermediate

(3)   Advanced

b)      Hamming Hall : Multipurpose space useful for all event setups including dinners and lectures, the available equipment includes:

i)        Audio

(1)   Yamaha QL1

(2)   16 Channel inputs

(3)   6 wedge monitor outputs

(4)   6 wireless Mics

(5)   Small band setup available

ii)      Lighting

(1)   General stage wash

iii)   Video

(1)   Projector

(a)   HDMI

(b)   VGA

(2)   AirMedia

(a)   Wireless Presentation

iv)    Support Levels available

(1)   Standard

(2)   Intermediate

(3)   Advanced

c)       Gym : Large Gymnasium that has a stage can be useful for sporting events,  graduations, large presentations, or even bands. The available equipment includes:

i)        Audio

(1)   2-4 audio inputs

(a)   External mixing consoles can be used

(2)   3 Wireless Mics

(a)   2 handhelds

(b)   1 lapel

ii)      Lighting

(1)   General Stage lighting

iii)   Support Levels available

(1)   Standard

(2)   Intermediate

(3)   Advanced (with early warning)

d)      Isaacson Chapel : Useful for small services or weddings. Available equipment includes:

i)        Audio

(1)   Yamaha TF1

(2)   4 Wireless Mics

(a)   4 HH or 3HH and 1 Lapel

(3)   16 Stage Inputs

(4)   8 wedge monitor outputs

ii)      Video

(1)   Projector: NONE. External projector can be supplied. Inquire for details.

(2)   Echo360 recording

iii)   Lighting

(1)   General room lighting

iv)    Support Levels available

(1)   Standard

(2)   Intermediate

(3)   Advanced

e)      LHA : Theater space useful for lectures. Available equipment includes:

i)        Audio

(1)   2 Wireless Mics

ii)      Video: NONE

iii)   Lighting

(1)   Basic wash, only with support from theater department

iv)    Support Levels available

(1)   Standard

f)        Johnson 325 : Meeting space useful for board meeting, panels, available equipment includes:

i)        Audio

(1)   2 Wireless Mics

(2)   20 unit conferencing system

ii)      Video

(1)   3 Displays

(a)   1 Interactive

(b)   2 Passive

(i)     HDMI

(ii) VGA

(2)   AirMedia

iii)   Lighting

(1)   General Room lighting

iv)    Support Levels available

(1)   Standard

g)      Johnson 314 : Large lecture hall which can be useful for presentations or documentary viewings.

i)        Audio

(1)   2 Wireless Mics; 1 handheld, 1 lapel

ii)      Video

(1)   2 projected Displays

(a)   HDMI

(b)   VGA

(2)   AirMedia

iii)   Lighting

(1)   General Room lighting

iv)    Support Levels available

(1)   Standard

h)     AV Classrooms

i)        Available technology varies by room

(1)   Please refer to your event/room scheduler or 25 live for technology available in each classroom

ii)      Please open a JIRA helpdesk ticket with Media Services if you notice equipment is not functioning correctly.

VI.             Video & Audio Production and Recording Services

  1. Video & Audio Production

a)      Video and/or Audio Production which requires preproduction planning and postproduction editing.

i)        Any request must be made through

ii)      All requests are subject to Media Services discretion

iii)   Media Services will designate a maximum allotment of 5 hours per week for any production needs.

iv)    All equipment selection, setup, and tear down will be the responsibility of Media Services.

v)      A file of the all recorded clips with timecode will be submitted to the client for editing

vi)    Media Services will contact all parties about how editing is handled.

vii) All decisions can be changed at Media Services’ discretion

  1. Event Recording

a)      All event video recordings are handled via echo360 (see next section for further details)

i)        Media Services is not responsible for any editing

ii)      Media Services does not transfer recordings to physical media

b)      Audio recordings may be requested in Anderson Chapel, Hamming Hall, or Isaacson Chapel only

VII.          Echo360

  1. General Lecture Recording

a)      Professors wanting a recording must request it on via project: HD-Media Services and issue type: MS-Lecture Capture Request and include the following information:

i)        Full Course number (as it appears in Canvas)

ii)      Class Days

iii)   Start and End times

iv)    Any days you do not want recorded

b)      All requests must be made at least a week in advance

c)       All recorded content will be deleted after 2 years on our server

  1. Personal Capture

a)      Professors wanting to use Echo360 Personal Capture must request access on

b)      Media Services will schedule a training session which will include the following:

i)        Downloading & Installing the necessary software

ii)      Checking user access

iii)   A test record

c)       Content creation is up to the user and can be done on NPU campus or at home

  1. Requesting an Echo360 capable room

a)      It is up to the user to request an echo capable room

i)        For a list of echo capable rooms please see:


  1. Media Services does not record lectures outside of echo360 capable classrooms
  2. Media Services is not responsible for any editing
  3. Media Services does not transfer recordings to physical media
  4. If wanting access to other users videos after they have left north park university please contact HR for permission and Media Services will grant a designated user access to all content.

VIII.       Classroom Troubleshooting

a)      Classroom Support

i)        Professors can call Client Services hotline x5540 when an issue happens in a classroom. A ticket will be opened and a student tech will be sent out to support the professor and work out any issues with the room or laptop.

ii)      If the student is unable to get the room working they will update the ticket, a temporary projector will be deployed, and the ticket will be assigned to a Media Services full time tech to troubleshoot outside of class time with the professor that experienced the issue.

iii)   If the problem is still unable to be resolved a ticket will be opened with a support vendor to troubleshoot the issues in the room and either fix them or determine it unable to be fixed.  This generally takes a week.

iv)    If unable to be fixed, the room will be added to an upgrade list.  The temporary projector will remain in the classroom until the room is upgraded.

v)      If issue is resolved, ticket will be closed and temporary projector will be removed.

To download a copy click the following link: Media Services Policy

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