Atlassian Jira Help Desk

Several North Park departments utilize the University's Help Desk system. The system itself is a tool called Jira and is part of the same suite that powers this wiki (Confluence).

The Information Technology department uses the Jira Help Desk to organize tasks and workflows to efficiency.

Please visit or to create a ticket.

Creating an Issue in Jira
  1. Log into with your North Park username and password.

  2. You will see a " + Create Issue" button near the top right-hand side of every page while logged into Jira. Click on this to create an issue.

  3. When creating an issue you'll have several important fields to fill out. These are important in determining which department will handle your issue.Choose the "Create" option at the bottom of the page.  You should see a confirmation window.

    1. Project Type: This determines which department will handle your request (eg. Information Technology, UMC, ODL, Security, etc.)
    2. Issue Type: This contains sub-categories for each department
    3. Reporter: This field will autofill with your name. If you're creating a ticket for another person, you may include their name here.
    4. Summary: Please provide a title for your request or issue.
    5. Description: Please provide a more detailed description of your issue or request.
    6. Other Reporters: Use this field if you'd like a specific person to be aware of the issue. Add a person's name to this category and they will receive email updates along with the reporter and assignee.

The main Jira page is called a Dashboard and it is customizable. You can also have multiple dashboards.

On the default Dashboard you should be able to view your open tickets. Depending on the permissions of your position in the University you may have elevated permission to view and modify tickets for other users in other Projects.


Please note that Jira may look and function differently in some browsers. The IT Department recommends that you not use Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are able to effectively display the North Park Help Desk without trouble.

Click here for more information on Browsers.

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