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Ring Settings

To change the Ring of your phone, press the 'Settings' button (the settings button looks like a check box) and select option '2'. Select the 'Default Ring' option and scroll through the list of Ring Types. Press 'Play' to preview the ring. When you have selected they ring you would like, press 'Select' and then 'Ok'.

Call Forwarding

You can forward an extension to another campus phone or an external number by using the Call Forward softkey on your Cisco phone.

  • Press the CFwdAll softkey
  • Enter the 4-digit extension or external phone number (8-1-555-5555) you wish to forward to.
  • Voicemail is only forwarded when you forward to an external number; otherwise voicemail will come back to your number if the forwarded call is not picked up.

Park a Call

Call Park allows users to put a call on hold in the system and pick it up at another phone.

  • While on call, press more and then Park softkeys. Display shows extension number call is parked at. Hang up.
  • To retrieve call from any IP phone, dial the appropriate Call Park number.
  • If a parked call is not picked up in a specified amount of time it will ring back at the phone that originally parked it.

Use Call Pickup

Pick Up groups allow users to answer other users’ phones without having to actually go to the phone that is ringing.

Lift handset, press More and PickUp and the Answer softkeys to answer call in own pickup group.
Lift handset and press More and GpickUp softkeys and then the call pickup group number to answer call in another call pickup group. Press the Answer softkey.

Transferring Calls

To transfer a call, press the 'Transfer' button (below the screen) and dial the extension you would like to send the call to. You may Stay on the line and announce the call if you wish. Regardless of whether you announce the call or not, press 'Transfer' again to connect the calls, thus disconnecting you.

To connect two existing calls, disconnecting yourself from both calls, place both calls on hold. Select both calls using the arrow buttons and pressing 'More' then 'Select' on each. Once both calls are selected, press the 'DirTrfr' button.

Conference Calling

To establish a conference call while on call, press the 'More' button and then the 'Confrn' button. At the dialtone dial the new number to join to the conference. When the call connects, press the 'Confrn' button again to connect all parties. Repeat until all parties are connected.

To join multiple existing calls into a conference call, use the arrow select buttons to select the calls you want to join to a conference call press the 'More' button and the press the 'Join' call.

Meet Me Conference

See the Meet Me Conferencing section.

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