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Account Lifecycle Policies
North Park account lifecycle policies define account categories and statuses, and prescribe when accounts are created, transitioned, and deleted. North Park reserves the right to withdraw network and email privileges at any time due to violation of North Park's Acceptable Use Policy or at the request of an appropriate University official.

Employee Account Definition

Employee Account

For the sake of this policy, the term "Employee Account" refers to a North Park account of type EMP or NC.

EMP Account Type

The EMP account type is granted to anybody with an active or future HR status of full-time, part-time, part-time hourly, or visiting faculty.

NC Account Type

The NC account type is granted to those with an active or future HR status of "non-employee with campus privileges." NC personnel are not employed directly by North Park but require access to North Park information systems.

Employee Account Creation

Employee Accounts are created automatically throughout the day based on status codes and dates maintained by Human Resources. (see above)

Employee Account Deactivation

An employee's account will be disabled the day after their official last day of employment as maintained by HR. When an employee leaves North Park, IT will work with HR and the employee's supervisor to determine how that employee's account and information assets should be handled.

Options include but are not limited to the following.

  • creating an automatic email reply
  • forwarding email
  • moving OneDrive files to a shared folder
  • facilitating modification of voicemail greeting

Account Retention

A former employee's network account, Office 365 account, the information contained therein, the Microsoft 365 license, the security license, and voice mailbox shall be retained for sixty (60) days after the employee's last date of active employment as recorded by HR. The account shall remain disabled and inaccessible to the former employee, unless approved by HR and IT. The 60 day account retention period helps to provide continuity during the transition of employee responsibilities.

Active employment is identified by the account types EMP and NC as defined above.

61 days after the former employee's last date of active employment, all accounts and information contained therein shall be deleted.

Former Employee With Ongoing Active Status

If the former employee's ongoing relationship with North Park qualifies them for an active network and Office 365 account, then IT will work with HR, the former employee's supervisor, and the former employee to determine how to handle the information assets which are under the former employee's control. For example, if the former employee is actively enrolled in NPU courses, then they qualify as a student for a fully licensed account, but they should not retain information assets relevant to their former employment.

Options which IT and HR may choose include but are not limited to the following.

  • remove the information assets associated with NPU employment from the former employee's account and/or email
  • monitor or forward the former employee's email for a limited time
  • create an entirely new account for the former employee to use in their new role

Former Employee with Alumni Status

Status as a former employee supersedes status as an alum.

When a former employee is also a former student (i.e., an alum), they are subject to the policies for former employees, not for alumni, regardless of the sequence and timing of their student and employment statuses.

Adjunct Faculty Employment End Dates

  • Active part-time status and the privileges granted thereby for adjunct faculty will end approximately one year after the last contracted semester of teaching began.
    For example, an adjunct instructor who was last contracted for Fall 2019 will have an employment end date of two weeks after the Fall 2020 semester begins, unless a subsequent contract is enacted and a course section is assigned.
  • North Park issued keys and equipment must still be submitted to Human Resources at the end of the contracted academic term.
  • Prior to employment end date, adjunct faculty will continue these benefits and responsibilities:
    • Physical access to campus buildings and classrooms via Salto as granted to all faculty.
    • Access to Helwig Rec Center if they have a signed waiver on record.
    • Access to Brandel Library and associated library privileges.
    • North Park email account and email send/receive privileges.
    • Access to campus wifi and campus public computers.
    • Requirement to use multi-factor authentication (MFA) and complete all assigned HR/IT training.
  • Adjunct faculty will be notified via email at least 2 weeks prior to their employment end date.  Deans will be notified at least one week prior to the employee notification.
  • At employment end date:
    • All benefits and responsibilities listed above will be revoked.
    • North Park issued ID must be submitted to Human Resources.
  • In accordance with Human Resources policy, employment paperwork will be maintained for either 3 years after the start date or 1 year after the end date - whichever date is later. After that date, new paperwork will need to be submitted.
  • This policy is subject to regular review and future modifications may immediately alter benefits and responsibilities available to adjunct faculty outside of their contracted academic term.

Emeritus and Retiree Accounts

  • Upon approval from Human Resources and IT, emeritus faculty and retiring faculty & staff may maintain their North Park account and email for up to six months after their employment end date.
  • No sensitive North Park University emails or data may be copied, forwarded, or in any way transferred from the North Park University account to any account or storage not controlled by North Park University.
  • After six months, emeritus faculty and retirees may request to have their North Park email address forwarded to a personal address for an additional eighteen months. They will no longer have North Park licenses to use Microsoft applications, including Office desktop apps.
  • Emeritus faculty and retirees with a North Park email account must use multi-factor authentication (MFA) and must complete all assigned cyber security training in order to maintain access to the account.
  • All emeritus faculty and retirees granted account extensions prior to the establishment of this policy on August 14, 2020, may maintain their accounts, but their Microsoft licensing will not include Office desktop apps.  They must confirm their continued use of the account every year.  Absent that confirmation, the account will be removed.
  • This policy is subject to regular review and may be modified upon review.
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