As you know, money is tight.  We are always looking for ways to better utilize our funds.  Currently we offer various faxing services on campus.  As you know, faxing is an old technology.  Faxing does not work well with our modern Voice Over IP communications system.  To keep it operational, we have maintained some older technology.  This older technology costs over $5,000 annually (plus equipment and labor costs).  When our contracts on the older technology come up for renewal this fall, they will be cancelled.

This means all sending and receiving of faxes is being eliminated.  All of our copiers are able to scan documents to email.  Faxing will be replaced with scanning and emailing the scanned documents as attachments.  We are aware that certain departments that deal with the government may still need fax capabilities.  If you feel your department falls into this category, you may contact IT and we will help you arrange for service with an outside provider.

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  1. Will there be a list of the machines still available? I understand that we will be able to scan and e-mail anything that needs to go out from our office.  However, we do need to receive faxes from agencies and students who do not have the ability to scan and e-mail a document. I am hoping that we will still be able to receive a fax somehow even if we do not have a machine available within our office.