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IT has put together a great resources on Microsoft Teams on their wiki. Please refer to this resource and reach out to IT for general questions about MS Teams. As of Summer 2020, COE has integrated Microsoft Teams into Canvas.

A Teams meeting link can be added any place the Rich Content Editor is available. One thing it does different than Conferences/BBB is that if the link is added to an item that generates a notification, such as the Calendar, the students will get a notification.


Video Guide: Using Teams from Inside Canvas

Written Guide: Here is a general guide* from Canvas on how to access Microsoft Teams in Canvas.

*The only difference from the guide is that we have more options, so you have to click the Apps Icon to select from a menu of apps:

Step 1

Step 2:

Step 3:

Follow prompts to set up meeting.


How can I create a reoccurring Teams Meeting in Canvas?

How do I sync my Canvas Calendar with my Outlook Calendar?

BETA Product Notes

Please note that this is a new feature in Canvas and that we are still learning best practices and how to best integrate it in teaching.

Some feedback we have received so far that you may want to consider when you are evaluating this tool for your teaching:

  • you have to approve an add-on or person not originally invited (say if someone is joining from a personal email address instead of their NPU email)

  • you have to create a new meeting, it doesn’t give an option to embed an existing meeting

  • the new meetings do not automatically sync with your personal calendar but users can subscribe to their Canvas calendar from Outlook.

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