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Files can house course files, assignments, syllabi, readings, or other documents, as well as profile pictures and user-specific files. Instructors can lock folders and files so they can only be viewed by direct links or only unlock on a specific date.

Files can be placed in Modules, Assignments, or Pages. Files and folders are put in alphabetical order and cannot be rearranged.

Canvas users will find access to files (documents, images, media, etc.) in three different places:

  • Personal files
  • Course files
  • Group files

Each Canvas course has a file storage limit of 524 MB. 

To see how much storage your course has left, click on Files and scroll to the bottom of the list. 

Note: Audio and Video take up the most space, please us the Record/Upload Media button in the Rich Content Editor to bypass the course storage limit.


Recorded PowerPoint Lectures

Due to the storage limit for files in your Canvas course. COE suggests that you record your PowerPoint presentation and upload to Canvas as a video.

Here is the Guide for recording the PowerPoint presentation

Here is the guide for exporting presentation as a video

Once it’s a video they can upload it using the Record/Upload Media button in the Rich Content Editor or any other video site such as YouTube or Vimeo.

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