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Announcements are a great way to communicate with your full class in Canvas. When you post an announcement, it not only posts to Canvas but it is also emailed to your student's North Park email accounts. Please keep in mind that all Canvas users have control over their notification settings, but this still remains a reliable means to contact your class.

When you create announcements, they are saved in your course. When this course is copies over for the next time you teach it, the announcements are also copied.

You can either delete these announcements to start fresh in your course, or you can edit and reuse them. Please check out the following tutorials for instructions:

  • Deleting Announcements
  • Edit an Announcement (Go in and edit any information for your announcement and/or attach updated files)
  • Delay posting (as part of the editing process, delay the posting of this announcement so that it goes out the week that you want your students to see it)

Please let the Center for Online Education know if you have any questions or need assistance.

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